The First World NCD Congress 2017

Theme : "Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases: Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"

All the abstracts selected for WNCD 2017 will be published in a special issue of International Journal of Non Communicable Diseases | Abstract Submission for WNCD and IAPSM is closed |Regular Registration are closed | Registration for the Post Congress Workshop session "Managing Stress and Health Challenges: Practical Approaches for Everyday Life and Difficult Situations" is closed.
Sponsorship and Exhibition

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Other Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsor Category Minimum Value
Diamond USD 250,000
Platinum USD 150,000
Gold USD 75,000
Silver USD 40,000
Bronze USD 10,000
Supporter No minimum amount, for govt. agencies or NGOs
Sponsor Benefits Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Supporter
Complimentary Congress Registrations 15 10 6 4 2
Priority choice for exhibit booth allocation 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Logo recognition on all printed material
Logo recognition on WNCD 2017 web site
Link to company website on WNCD 2017 web site
Logo recognition at Congress venue
Complimentary Banquet admission 15 10 6 4 2
Promotional advertisement in Congress Brochure 1 page (back cover page or front cover page inside) One full page (at back cover page inside) 1 full page (center fold) Half page ¼ page
Exhibition Booth "4 Booths of
9 Square Meter
(36 Square meter) "
"3 Booths of
9 Square Meter
(27 Square meter) "
"2 Booths of
9 Square Meter
(18 Square meter) "
"1 Booth of
9 Square Meter "

Note: Priority choice within each category is based on total value of sponsorship. If there are two or more sponsors of equal value, priority choice will be awarded by earliest date of payment.

1. Official Satellite Symposia*

Official Symposium in consultation with, and under the auspices of, the Scientific Program Committee. Breakfast / Lunch / Evening Symposium during Scientific Session Days: USD 80,000 Breakfast / Luncheon / Evening Satellite Symposia time slots are available from Nov. 4-6, 2017. Breakfast symposia will be held between 8 and 9 AM, Lunch symposia will be held over the lunch break, Evening symposia will start 15 minutes after the end of the scientific sessions. All symposia will be of 90 minutes in duration.

* Satellite Symposium Terms and Conditions
  • In order to enhance the Scientific Program and prevent duplication of topics and speakers, the Scientific Program Committee must approve the date, scheduled time, content and speakers in advance. Any subsequent changes will be subject to approval by the Scientific Program Committee.
  • Symposium Fee includes: • Room rental at the Convention and Exhibition Centre • Audio (microphones and sound system) • Basic Audio Visual (Screen and projector) • Publication of the Symposium Program in the On-site Program and Congress website (All other costs, including food & beverage and supplementary audio visual, are the responsibility of the sponsor.)
  • Where appropriate, the Scientific Program Committee will undertake to organize the Symposium at an additional fee.
  • Booth space of 18 Sq mtr will also be offered to the sponsor.

2. Sponsored Session: USD 40,000
  • A limited number of regular scientific sessions are available for exclusive sponsorship and are shown in the program as "Supported by …". Sponsors do not have any input into session content or speaker selection.
  • Booth space of 9 sq mtr will also be offered to the sponsor
3. Poster Area by Theme: USD 20,000
  • Posters will be grouped and displayed according to theme and/or track. Signage acknowledging sponsorship will be placed throughout each sponsored area. A limited number of sponsorships are available. Exclusive sponsorship of the entire Poster Area is available; please contact the Congress Secretariat for more information.
  • Booth space of 6 sq mtr will also be offered to the sponsor

4. Support for Delegates from Low and Middle Income Countries:
Companies may provide support to delegates from Low and Middle Income Countries to aid their attendance at the Congress. Details will be provided upon request


1.Conference Delegate Bags : USD 10,000

Your Company logo strategically positioned on the bag

Note: WNC 2017 will choose the delegate bag.

2. Name Badges: USD 10,000


  • Company logo on premium name badge wallets
  • Company name or website on lanyards.

3. Abstracts CD ROM: USD 10,000

  • Your Company logo on the CD-ROM and CD-ROM sleeve.
  • Exclusive distribution of the CD-ROM at your company booth.
  • If a printed Abstract Volume is produced, the sponsor will also receive a full page advertisement on the inside front cover.
  • Sponsor can insert an Abstract CD-ROM voucher into the delegate bag
  • Abstract Book will be published as a special issue of WNCD

Note: An Abstract CD-ROM will be included with each full Congress registration. A Printed Volume would be sold to delegates.

4.Delegate Bag Insert: USD 10,000

Insert a promotional brochure into the Delegate Bag

Note: Weight and size restrictions will apply. Inserts must be approved by organizing committee.

5. Notepad and Pen: USD 5,000

  • Exclusive opportunity to provide a notepad and pen with your company logo in each delegate bag.

Note: Notepads and pens provided by sponsor and must be approved by organizing committee.

1.Welcome Reception USD 25,000

  • Ten complimentary passes to Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception.
  • Multiple Sponsorships available
  • Recognition on screen and in directional signages at the Welcome Reception.

Note: The Conference Secretariat will make all arrangements for the Welcome Reception.

2. Refreshment Breaks USD 50,000

  • Multiple Sponsorships available
  • Signages throughout Food & Beverage stations with your company logo

Note: The Conference Secretariat will make all arrangements for the Refreshment Break including menu

1.Congress Website USD 50,000

  • Exclusive opportunity to sponsor the Congress Web Site
  • Company logo on home page and all subpages with acknowledgment that company has sponsored the web site

2. Audio-Visual Equipment USD 50,000

  • Recognition as the sponsor of the Audio Visual Equipment in the conference program
  • Booth space of 9 sq mtr will also be offered to the sponsor

Note: AV sponsor will not be recognized at sponsored symposia, sponsored workshops, sponsored sessions, Opening Ceremony, Gala Evening or Cultural Evening.

3. Speaker Ready Room USD 10,000

  • Exclusive opportunity to sponsor the Speaker Ready Room (where each presenter must visit).
  • Company logo on all computers in the Speaker Ready Room
  • Sponsor can provide mousepads with company logo

4. Internet Café USD 10,000

  • Your company name in the title of the Café
  • Sponsorship includes all space, equipment, set-up and tear down costs for up to 30 workstations Recognition as sole sponsor of the Café on each computer screen located in the Café
  • Recognition through signage in the Café and directional signage to the Café

1. Invitation Email to your Symposia USD 15,000

  • Congress Secretariat will send your invitation via email to all pre-registered delegates.

2. Directional Signage USD 10,000

  • Company logo on all Congress directional signages (other than sponsored events or sessions)

3. Symposium Webcast USD On Request

  • Congress Secretariat will arrange for your Symposium to be recorded and available on the Congress website until April, 2018.
  • Company will receive copy of webcast for their own use.

4. Congress Session Webcast USD On Request

  • Exclusive sponsorship of the webcast of one or more Scientific sessions

Advertising in the Second Announcement (available only to Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze sponsors) The Second Announcement will be a printed brochure widely distributed to the NCD Health industry and available for download on the Congress website.

  • Outside Back Cover USD 7,000 Ÿ Inside Front Cover USD 6,000 Ÿ Inside Back Cover USD 5,000 Ÿ Full page inside USD 4,000 Ÿ Half page inside USD 2,000
Advertising in the On-Site Program

The On-Site Program will be a printed program containing all essential Congress information.

The On-Site program is provided to each participant in the delegate bag and will be available for download on the Congress website.
  • Outside Back Cover USD 10,000
  • Inside Front Cover USD 8,000
  • Inside Back Cover USD 5,000
  • Full page inside USD 4,000
  • Half page inside USD 3,000

A standard exhibit space

  • Octanorm panel structure
  • A front fascia with the exhibitor's name
  • Carpet
  • One table
  • Two chairs
  • One electrical outlet
  • One waste paper basket
  • 3 Spot lights
3m X 3m (9Sq mtr)

Allocation of booth space is at the sole discretion of WNCD 2017, however all attempts will be made to accommodate your preferences and support your presence at the Exhibition.

  • Exhibitor move in : 3rd November 2017 Exhibit Dates
  • Exhibitor Move Out : 6th November 2017

(Please note that time and date are subject to change)


Receipt of a signed Application for Sponsorship & Booth Space is a commitment to exhibit at The First World NCD Congress 2017. Therefore, notification of reduction or cancellation must be in writing on company letterhead and submitted to the secretariat, Sponsor & Exhibitors are required to pay appropriate fees or cancellation penalties.

  • 50% Cancellation fees before 15th August 2017
  • 100% Cancellation fees after 15th August 2017

Badges are required for admission into the sessions and Exhibit Hall. Each exhibitor is allotted two complimentary badges based on booth size (9 sq mtr stall size).


INR 10,000/- only. Admission not permitted to Scientific Sessions


An Exhibitor Service Manual will be provided to the official contact for each exhibiting company three months before the conference.

The Exhibitor Service Manual will include order forms for electricity, telephone, audiovisual equipment, floral, booth furnishings and signage. Exhibitors are encouraged to place orders 45 days prior to the opening of the meeting. Please review each form for deadlines, as they may vary depending on the supplier. Exhibitor Service Kits will only be mailed to companies that have paid for their booth space in full.


Product information cannot be distributed at any scientific session or in hotel lobbies. Posters or tabletop exhibits are not permitted immediately outside or inside the session rooms. Companies may not display or demonstrate products, processes, or services, solicit orders, or distribute advertising material at any location (within or outside the Exhibit Hall) other than in their assigned exhibit space. The booth may be subject to forfeit if the guideline is violated.

  • Exhibits must be adequately staffed during exhibit hours
  • Canvassing or distributing advertising material outside the Exhibit Hall is prohibited
  • Electrical and mechanical apparatuses must be muffled to prevent noise from interfering with other exhibitors
  • Industry personnel may not enter another company's exhibit area without that company's permission
  • Aisles must be kept free of any materials at all times
  • Exhibitor personnel may not solicit attendees in aisles

Each exhibitor must make provisions on there own for safeguarding goods, materials, equipment, and display at all times.